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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you allow weddings at the farm?
    We are honored that you would consider us for your special day but at this time the answer is no. We are currently developing the property to facilitate those special occasions in the future.
  • Are you open to the public?
    We are currently by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule your visit.
  • When does the lavender bloom?
    We are hopeful for a beautiful bloom this season! Typically, in our zone, lavender begins to wake up from winter the beginning of May and will be in bloom by mid-June to early July. Several varieties of our lavender will re-bloom throughout the summer, but the biggest bloom is in July. We also grow sunflowers. The sunflowers bloom in late September and into October.
  • I am afraid of bees, how do I see your lavender up close?
    This is an active farm with nature in full swing so there is a potential for a occurrence with wildlife. The lavender is such a relaxing plant that the bees and butterflies happily dance from flower to flower, and it is quite a beautiful site. They are so busy pollinating that they really do not seem to notice visitors. We do ask that our visitors respect the nature among our lavender fields and not swat or bat at our friendly flying pollinators.
  • Do you sell lavender plants?
    Currently, we do not sell plants.
  • Do you allow professional photography at the farm?
    We do provide professional photography at the farm. Please contact us at to discuss availability.
  • What is your professional photography policy?
    We are thrilled you would like to take photos of our beautiful lavender and farm! There is no additional fee for visitors including professional photographers to take photos of our lavender and surroundings when you visit during our open farm days. We do not allow Professional Photographers to bring clients to our farm at any time without an appointment. We will have dates beginning in June 2023 for Professional Photographers to schedule a photo session during the lavender season. Each session will cost will be $150 per Photographer. The time slots will be during the golden hours 6:00PM-8:00PM. Dates will be announced in spring of 2023. Professional Photographers will only be allowed to bring one client or one family grouping per slot. Clients will need to arrive dressed and ready, and we will not allow wardrobe changes, or clients to get dressed in our facility. A complete guideline will be provided to each photographer prior to arrival and must be shared with clients.
  • Do you allow "you pick" of the flowers at the farm?
    We do not allow guests to pick their own flowers, this will be an option in the future. However, we are planning a Cut Your Own Lavender Festival in the summer of 2023. This will be an annual event at Tedders Creek Farm.
  • When is your lavender harvested?
    The lavender is harvested a few weeks after the bloom begins - usually late June through early August. How long does it take lavender to dry after harvest? Lavender is a beautiful flower on a delicate stem, consequently drying time does not take long. After the lavender is harvested and bundled, drying takes about 3 weeks
  • What is your open season?
    Our farm is open mid-April through mid-November every year! We will be closed from November 20th until mid-April 2023!
  • How far is the parking area from the lavender fields?
    This depends on which field you wish to visit. It can be as close as 50 yds.
  • Where are you located?
    1763 Tedders Creek Rd. Barbourville, KY 40906
  • Do you allow dogs at the farm?
    Yes, you are welcome to bring your dog to enjoy the farm! We ask they be kept on a leash and that you would kindly pick up after them if the need should arise!!
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