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Tedders Creek Farm, LLC

Our Story

Stewards of our blessings


Kimberly and Tom - dating in high school, life taking us in different directions for many years. We fast forward 30+ years and find ourselves married in December 2021. Kimberly successfully running an office for a civil engineering company. Tom director of facilities for an ESCO company and both with a passion for biking (mountain bike racing in the Midwest for the past 7 years), found us shutdown with the world's newest virus in 2020. Campgrounds were closed, race series cancelled. Can I say the indoor scene, is not our gig.

Now let us take a few steps back. When Kimberly and I reunited my passion for cycling was quickly adopted by Kimberly and within a year her passion for motorcycling was quickly redirected towards bicycling. Outdoors was our place. We traveled the Midwest racing various series meeting great people, seeing nature in all its beauty, and living healthy. Not ones to be derailed easily, access to nature started to take on a different meaning. Kentucky offered so much. The weather is better. Our property is far from flat. The soils have been productive for generations. We can have a place for family and friends to enjoy nature without the possibility of being “shut down”, it was time for a change. So determined to live our outdoor lifestyle, finding property to call our own “campground” became imperative. Months of searching passed, and we finally found the farm. From the pictures you will see it didn’t start out looking like much of a farm. It was left unattended and overgrown for over 15 years, but it was love at first sight. Our investment was not going to be in the stock market, it was going to be in us! Tedders Creek Farm was purchased late November 2021, it was a Thanksgiving week like I have never experienced. We now have our campground. We have our woods and hills for trails. Our bottom land for lavender and our dream. By the way. Our neighbors on Tedders Creek Road. They are the definition of good neighbors and I hope to be as kind and generous as any of them. That is our story, much abbreviated but it will lead us to the next page...The Farm Project


The Farm

Our Vision for the Future


The vision of Tedders Creek Farm during its lifetime is to serve the local community, create natural products that improve the quality of life and always evolve to best use the resources we have been blessed with. 

Products and services will be ever evolving at Tedders Creek Farm. Our commitment to the highest quality naturally grown lavender is our top priority. Artisan crafted products created from that lavender will be regarded as second to none. Quality will never be sacrificed for the bottom line. 

Engagement of the local schools, churches, and civic organizations as well as our patrons we believe to be vital to our success. That success can then be shared by offering future employment opportunities, educational opportunities, and reestablishing vitality in the region. 

During the first 2 or 3 growing seasons at Tedders Creek Farm we will be focused on creating our product offerings, developing the “farm experience” for patrons and continued growth of the lavender and bees.  Planning currently includes onsite photography engagements, art classes, and eventually extraordinary events for school choirs and bands, a lavender harvest festival and fund-raising events.

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